Grethe Kjøsnes is an artist born on the west coast of Norway. She grew up in the  small town of Gjølanger in Hellevik,Fjaler kommune in Sogn og fjordane ( today named Vestland). A place with small,narrow fjords and high mountains north for the beautiful Sognefjorden she lived her first 16 years close to the sea and the wild nature. 

She`s been drawing and painting most of her life and is educated in art as well as journalism. 

The mystical and beautiful landscape in Fjaler where she had her childhood, has formed and inspired her as an artist. But also the open and beautiful landscape on the Island of Bømlo, where she lives today. 

She runs a private gallery in her own house at the lake called Storavatnet, that`s only a ten minute walk to the old and beautiful harbour, Urangsvåg and about thirty minutes walk to Bremnes, the local center on the island.

During the last few years she`s been praised for her unique art in many countries, mostly in Europe and the United States. In 2020 she was nominated as a Top 60 Master in contemporary art. The same year she won the International Prize New York from the White Space Gallery Chelsea.

Because of the diffcult and unstable international situation with Covid-19, she is still looking forward to participate in at least one of the  exhibitions in Italy and in New York. You can however, purchase her work right here on this site and she will personally ship them or sometimes even deliver to your door, if you live in West-Norway. Worldwide shipping is also an option. 

To visit her home Gallery, call or leave a message to schedule a visit!







Title «The harbour». Acrylic/mixed media on canvas.
Original is sold.

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